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With air conditioning you can create the comfort in which you feel best, with the right temperature and a comfortable humidity. Modern air conditioners produce clean, healthy fresh air, dehumidify the air and prevent mould. All of this is possible with neither draught nor noise.

Air conditioning reduces the moisture in the air and in turn makes life more bearable on a hot humid day especially when working or moving around the house.

We can supply and fit your home with the following units:

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Careful planning prior to the installation of an air conditioner will save both energy and money. To ensure the inside drainage system and other mechanisms operate correctly, the unit should be level when installed. Where possible it should be mounted in a shaded spot on the home's north or east side as direct sunshine on the outdoor heat exchanger can decrease efficiency by as much as 10%. Plants, trees and shrubs can be used to shade the air conditioner but must not be allowed to block the airflow.

Reduce your air conditioning running costs by up to 70%!

Our range of equipment utilises non-ozone depleting refrigerants in units supplied by Daikin or Mitsubishi and all leading local and international brands. Utilising inverter technology smart systems could achieve savings of up to 70% on conventional systems when selected and installed correctly.

In short, air conditioning makes you feel better, more active and fit, resulting in many advantages, because he or she who feels better is more creative and productive.

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